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Rapport moves ahead of the market again

Launched in 2012, Rapport has grown consistently across the UK. Since then, opening in the USA in 2015, with further international expansion planned. 

The original website design was ground breaking, helping the company to redefine its market and creating a leading position with clear blue water between itself and competitors.

Five years, on our research revealed that competitor websites were now saying similar things to Rapport's and so we had to find a new way to reinforce their market leading position in the corporate guest services market. As a result we re-designed the website to engage prospective clients and potential employees in a more personal and memorable way. 

Engaged and motivated ambassadors are key to success

Based on our deep knowledge and long association with the company, we decided to present the culture (or personality) of Rapport, through it’s people - or ambassadors, as they’re known - by showing how they think, feel and behave as individuals and as a team. 

They all believe that every guest experience should be unique and this inspires them every day to reach extraordinary levels of service. A fact backed up by the countless award winning stories shared by their guests and clients. Making the intangible service tangible and creating highly personal experiences that live long in their memories.

So how does Rapport recognise, celebrate and reward these unique moments where ambassadors interact with their guests? By making them both feel special. Our challenge was to explain this in a simple and memorable way. By using shots of real ambassadors ‘talking’ to website visitors about what they do, in a relaxed way, while recounting stories of outstanding service.


Responsive and fluid website design

The design of the website is responsive and fluid, using imagery and colours drawn from the wonderful location of Rapport’s most loyal and supportive clients. Film clips on the web pages reveal how ambassadors feel about the company they’re so proud to work for. No lip service to customer service here, just real people doing exactly what they say, every day.

The feedback from clients and ambassadors to the new website has been fantastic and universally praised for its authenticity and the way it communicates outstanding guest service.

“Our new website epitomises why we do what we do and proudly features our Rapport ambassadors, telling fantastic stories of outstanding service. Bringing it to life has been an exciting collaboration with the creative team at Greenfisher”.

Greg Mace, Founder and Managing Director, Rapport

Few organisations realise how the quality of the service experience can be used as a powerful business and brand building tool for their clients and for themselves. Just think. If a brand makes you feel good about yourself, giving you personal support and confidence to grow, then imagine how deeply you’ll engage with that brand, in return.

Want to learn more about Rapport?

Read Craig Thatcher’s book called ‘Continuous Branding’ or see a presentation of how we came up with the concept for the website and then designed and built it.

Watch Craig Thatcher introducing the new Rapport website to 260+ people at the Rapport Annual Service Excellence Awards in London.

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