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Transforming a company aiming for double digit growth

Mpac Group plc is an ambitious company, aiming for double digit growth by providing packaging solutions to global blue chip consumer goods companies. A brilliant team of engineers designs, integrates and builds complete, high-speed packaging production lines for all sorts of products from contact lenses and champagne to tea bags.

Molins PLC chose to change its name to Mpac Group plc following a reorganisation and the sale of some business assets. We were then asked by Sales & Marketing Director, Dan Murthi, to reposition and relaunch the company. Having reviewed how competitors communicate and position themselves in the market, we recommended a new position, capitalising on the brand recognition in the Langen name, which has been part of the Group for many years.

Creating a clear brand & marketing strategy

Our creative approach set the bar for the development of the new brand architecture and visual identity. We designed a logo to represent the innovative packaging solutions provided by Mpac Group, focusing on the letter M neatly contained within a stylised box graphic.

To support the company’s new positioning and strategic aims, we created a new aspirational strapline, ‘Ingenious Packaging Solutions’. Integral to the new brand identity is a flexible palette of six vibrant colours and a unique pattern or visual language. There is deeper meaning suggested in the pattern through upward and forward motion (the progress of the business) as well as interaction and collaboration (the process of the business).

The dynamic brand identity has been developed to enable Mpac Group plc to build more powerful, consistent and meaningful brand communications with their audiences.

We held a workshop to develop the value proposition including key messages as part of a new marketing strategy and 12 month plan, then drafted new brand values for the employees to personify the new desired position.

Ingenious Packaging Solutions

The relaunch was just the start

We designed and built a new website including the copywriting for all the key pages. At the same time we designed and developed an internal launch plan to engage employees with the process of transforming the company. Alongside this we devised an external launch programme as well as a new suite of business stationery, communications templates and signage. Brand guidelines were created to explain the principles and to make it easier to manage consistency.

Building a new brand is like a puzzle - every piece is important

Thirty six senior managers were brought together from all around the world for a conference. Each signed their own personal pledge on a single piece of jigsaw. When completed it visually and powerfully represented their combined commitment to building the new brand.

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