Art direction

People really matter. This is not just another acquisition

Informa understands the power of engaged colleagues, as they embody it's brand purpose and bring it’s vision to life. Put simply, when your employees are engaged with and believe in what you're trying to achieve as a business, everything moves faster in the right direction. Although, with Informa colleagues spread across several continents, it is more difficult but still important to have clear communication about everything going on internally.


Informa colleagues are really important to the company.

So, we designed a physical tool that gave useful information delivered in a visually engaging and easy to understand format. One they could keep referring back to, enabling them to feel positive and secure about what was happening. With business as usual continuing and disruption kept to a minimum.


This publication was so successful that we received and Award for Excellence at the IoIC Awards, 2017.

Reaching all audiences

We created two versions of this publication, a printed one was given to every member of Informa Group and also an interactive PDF version, that was e-mailed out internally and added to the Group's intranet.

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