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Creating clarity of purpose for General Bioinformatics

Biological data is now generated in vast quantities, faster than scientists can consume it. The flow rate of new data from public organisations, from private labs, field and patient level trials is exceeding most organisations’ ability to deal with it. Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information on a worldwide basis.

General Bioinformatics provides solutions and services that bring data and science together using best in industry tools and helping organisations to maximise their competitive advantage. The company is highly responsive, utilises a broad range of skills and resources and have close working relationships with clients.

We were asked to communicate this to a wider group of potential clients. So we recommended that we re-design their website to help them to achieve this. First we created a new logo that comprised of layers of complex shapes combining to build a brand pattern. This is a visual representation of what the company does – drawing upon complex data to provide the big picture to the genome analytics and research communities. Then we designed a new website and business stationery along with a number of background graphics.


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