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Reaching new markets with a new proposition

We were asked by Prestige Network, a global translation agency, to create a new name and brand design for a new division. The reason for setting up the new division was to enable the company to target totally different market sectors from the ones they were already well established in. Instead of going after price-sensitive, transactional relationships they wanted to develop deeper, longer term relationships based on their ability to understand their new clients' challenging requirements and to provide robust, reliable and good value solutions.

The objective was to develop an ‘independent' brand from the parent company, delivering end-to-end global marketing implementation and trans-creation services. This new solutions-based, offer required a very different type of expertise to translation, so the brand needed a unique name and positioning to reflect this.


Value proposition design

We began by developing value propositions for each of the different client groups, which helped us to identify the users' challenges and pain points. Having reviewed the market and how competitors were communicating and positioning themselves, we proposed a market position that leveraged the new brand’s strong points of difference and their ability to connect people to information and expertise, throughout the world. We also drafted the new brand values that would be used to inspire the employees to deliver the brand promise.

Creating a new name for a brand is like christening a baby

We then created a new name for this new division by generating a long list of possible names based on the concept of ‘connecting’ people with either information or other people as this came across strongly during the development of the value proposition. We also made up names because we know how difficult it is to register domains.

To make it easier for our client we presented twelve shortlisted names and accompanying domain names, which in some cases we had to add short verbs to enable registration.


apio was chosen as the new name

Of all of the names presented, apio was chosen. In Latin it means ‘connect’, it is a short word, easy to pronounce,  memorable and not rude in any languages.

Once the name had been approved, we developed the new brand design for the website and a small range of communications materials that represents 'connection' in a contemporary and dynamic way. The visual look and feel expands on this theme further, as well as visually representing the different elements of the offer. 


Apio logo


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