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Brand consistency helps compliance

We've worked with a marketing consultant and the team at CORGI Technical Services for many years and recently re-designed the brand identities for the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) and the Association of Electrical Safety Managers (AESM). Both membership organisations have been created to represent these important and safety critical groups and to share best practice through training, technical meetings, awards and conferences.

CORGI now has a more consistent brand presence, enabling the organisation to increase the number of gas and electrical engineers that it engages every year and drive standards up throughout the industry. Which is a good thing for everyone.

We also continuously update and maintain the Gas Safety Conference website.




Talking to the right people in the right tone of voice

We worked with CORGI to identify the key messages, target audiences and the channels for communication. Then we developed an integrated marketing and communications strategy and implemented regular multi-channel campaigns. Also helping CORGI to launch new products and services, as well as a major conference and other events. Resulting in increased revenue and market share.

AGSM Gas Safety Management Conference

The AGSM Gas Safety Management Conference sets the agenda for gas safety. It is a professional conference for 250 gas managers, contractors and suppliers. With a marketing consultant, we supported the planning and organisation of the conference, including a pro-active marketing campaigns. We designed the conference website, and all the promotional material for each conference.

Ignite! Magazine

This is a strong marketing tool for the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM). Packed with valuable information, with thought leadership articles and lobbying campaigns targeting government ministers and influential stakeholders. We have designed and produced this magazine every year, continuously updating it as the brand has evolved.

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