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Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business and a member of the FTSE 100.

The company understands the power of engaged colleagues, as they embody it's brand purpose and bring it’s vision to life. Put simply, when your employees are engaged with and believe in what you're trying to achieve as a business, everything moves faster in the right direction. Although with Informa colleagues across several continents it is more difficult but still important to have clear communication about everything going on internally.

Our work with Informa involves developing a whole variety of different internal communications programmes; from creating sub-brands to the design and production of brochures explaining the company's benefits and investment plans to keeping everyone up to date with the business performance or the latest acquisition. It has also included encouraging the support for team building and charity fund raising events like 'Walk the World', where colleagues in different time zones, raise money by walking in groups.

By investing the time and energy in communicating effectively to colleagues, the result is a global brand that feels connected and strong.


People really matter. This is not just another acquisition

When Informa acquired Penton in North America they wanted to make the integration as smooth as possible. We developed a brochure for every Penton colleague to receive on the day of the acquisition, with the specific purpose of reassuring, informing, educating and exciting everybody about the great opportunities that lay ahead for them.

Informa colleagues are really important to the company. So, designing a tool that gave considered and useful information delivered in a visually engaging, easy to understand format that they could keep referring back to, enabled people to feel positive and secure about what was happening. With business as usual continuing and disruption kept to a minimum.

This publication has been shortlisted for an Institute of Internal Communications Award.

Investing in Informa through ShareMatch

Informa ShareMatch is an attractive and simple way to participate in Informa’s future success by investing in the company directly from their colleague's net salary. We helped by designing an easy to follow brochure to encourage colleagues to invest with a strong and very valuable promotional offer.

Everyone can have their say

Inside Informa was an internal sub-brand we helped develop to communicate the opportunity for all colleagues to have their say on what is going on within the company.

We created a logotype and then devised the campaign concept featuring speech bubbles as a strong graphic device.

The campaign was applied to posters, email footers, the Informa intranet system and a set of printed postcards.

Informa iBenefits branding

Our client was worried that colleagues were not making the most of the Informa benefits system and asked us to help. So we created a new logo and improved the clarity of their internal communications by designing top-level pages for their intranet system.



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