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My Inherited Kitchen

Malcolm came to us with his idea for creating a website to help people who’ve experienced a relationship breakdown or bereavement, to transform from being a non-cook to cooking for themselves. He needed help with the market positioning, storytelling, naming and branding of the website because it was based on his own personal experience. At the same time, he undertook the initial research and testing over many months while writing all the content.

We talked at length to Malcolm about why he wanted to do this and who would benefit from his website.  It wasn’t about money. All of the content he had created was based upon his own experiences of having to become a cook when his wife sadly passed away in October 2015. His goal was to help other people deal with their challenge of cooking for the first time during a period of stress and upset. He knew what it was like to grieve and face a kitchen full of unfamiliar utensils, ingredients, instructions and incomprehensible terminology. This helped us create the website name of My Inherited Kitchen and the associated branding.

An engaging design

Malcolm found that most recipes in cookery books, TV programmes and websites assume a basic level of understanding and are very confusing for those with very little knowledge. So how do you take a complete novice on a journey to cooking for themselves? Malcolm starts with the basics and gently builds in lots of small steps so that confidence is built upon success. We helped build that pathway through the website with a clear theme plus supporting images and layout.

It is a useful tool. For instance, can you find simple recipes for one? Do you know what side of the aluminium foil should be on the top? Shiny or dull? No. Then you will find the answers along with lots of other vital stuff on MyInheritedKitchen. There are tens of thousands of people who could do with this help right now. If you know anyone, then share the link. Or do you know any healthcare, social or service professionals who meet people having to cook for themselves for the first time?

We are very proud of what we have helped Malcolm to achieve because we know that many will benefit from it. As he says, people love the website because they can associate with the story it tells.

Social media campaign

We also designed a suite of teaser images for Malcolm to use in social media.

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