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Reports are a vital form of communication

NATS is a leading air navigation service provider in the United Kingdom and internationally. They needed to announce the publication and the content of their Customer Report to a group of very important stakeholders. It included the results from their customer survey, the key projects undertaken during the year and areas highlighted for improvement in the future.

We designed and built a microsite that seamlessly integrated with the main NATS website. This encouraged their customers to interact with the report and easily find what they wanted. At the same time, we designed a downloadable pdf version and then printed a small number for those people that prefer reading hard copies.

This dual approach proved very successful and we completed two further projects. The first was to publish the NATS Responsible Business report. It was designed to outline what NATS does above and beyond their core role in air traffic management and to demonstrate the contribution that enlightened air traffic control can make, and how NATS interacts with customers and the general public.

The second was to explain the role of NATS in helping to deliver a single European Sky by joining up Europe's air traffic jigsaw.

Strong use of illustrations and animation

We annotated a lot of data from the reports into a variety of diagrams, statistics and pull-out quotes with the added mix of photography from NATS media centre and videos to make a compelling read on and offline. Our use of animation helped the flow of the microsites, adding an extra level of detail and interest.

Clean look helps engagement

By using clear messaging and engaging illustrations each report is a compelling read.

Printed report

The Customer Report was also printed as a 12 page brochure, as a take home piece for stakeholders who prefer a hard copy over a screen view.

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