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Molins is listed on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) and is a highly recognised Group of international companies within it's sectors. With offices across the globe, in many different markets, with lots of products and a collection of company brands, developed over decades.

The company wants to grow by becoming a more sales and service focused organisation. They decided they'd have a better chance of expanding into new markets if they concentrated all their promotional efforts with one brand, Molins, rather than the four separate ones, below. This would also make it easier to work more closely and more effectively with customers in their four key market sectors.

So they asked us for help and as well as developing the creative concept for the overall communications campaign, we created a storyboard for an animation to appear on the home page of their website and at an international exhibition. We also designed a significant internal communications piece, a booklet that was given to all their people, explaining the plan and outlining why the company is making this transformation and providing a glimpse into future personal opportunities.

The creative concept

We were asked to help Molins communicate their strategy internally and how they add long-term value to their customers through four, short powerful words. Creating, Packing, Testing and Excelling.

We achieved this by aligning all their people together with their customers with a campaign and animation to tell the story of ONE brand, ONE company and ONE Molins team.

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