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New website for Caice, the building products company.


Website redesign for leading building products company

Caice has ambitious plans to grow

Caice is a privately owned and highly ambitious designer and manufacturer of environmental building product, planning to grow their business significantly over the coming years. As they don’t have a dedicated marketing department, they wanted to work with a specialist brand communications agency, who could understand them and their market. Then re-design their website with regular updates based on a calendar of activity while working seamlessly with their IT and sales departments.

We really like the way they’re continually improving what they do, leading their industry by driving it forward. However, their existing website did not do them justice. It lacked the engaging personality and warmth of the people we met face-to-face or and did not talk enough about the great things they do. For instance, to save customers’ time they provide them with software downloads to select the best products quickly and easily. Also they share their knowledge by running Continual Professional Development  (CPD) sessions.


Review of competitors

Having reviewed competitors’ websites, we found with few exceptions, they were all product driven, saying much the same thing as each other and also lacked personality. So, firstly, we encouraged Caice to think differently about their company, then change the way they engage their market by re-positioning themselves as acousticians, designers and manufacturers of environmental products.


Re-design experience

Alongside this, we re-designed the Caice website to accurately reflect the open, supportive and entrepreneurial spirit we found whenever we meet them. A responsive design, it uses photography of the people who work for the company. We reorganised the navigation around their customers and created new landing pages for each of their key market sectors. Then we created illustrations of typical building configurations, and with the use of simple icons and interactive rollovers, showed which products could be used where. This is a very simple and intuitive way to communicate a wide product range in an engaging way with quick links off to the relevant product pages.


Helpful tone of voice

The tone of voice for the copy is helpful, informal and written in the first person with interesting headlines crafted in tabloid style to grab and hold the visitors’ attention.

We also proposed a very simple way of demonstrating how effective their attenuators are at reducing the noise of fan coil units (air-conditioning units) in noise sensitive places like hotel bedrooms. While the rest of the industry talks about noise reduction, Caice whispers about how quiet their products are and how they’re ideal for rooms where people want to relax and get a good nights sleep.

The new website tells the Caice brand story better than the old one, explaining clearly what and why they do what they do with key benefits and supporting proof points clearly communicated. It gives a real sense of the welcoming and helpful personality of the company and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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