Employee brand engagement
and experience

Motivate and engage your employees to build your brand

If colleagues aren't engaged, your customers won't be either

Our most enlightened clients spend a disproportionate amount of time engaging and motivating their people because they know how important they are in building their brand and their business. And it shows in the results they achieve.

Your people are your brand’s most important ambassadors and so employee engagement and experience programmes have a really positive influence on how your people appear, behave and communicate with your customers.

We'll help you to motivate, empower and excite your people or colleagues through workshops, compelling internal communication programmes or employee engagement campaigns.

Employee engagement is effective with tailored workshops

We’ve developed a simple tool to use in a bespoke workshop that helps organisations like yours to harness and apply the power of great branding. These practical sessions are the perfect ways to engage your colleagues by explaining the five principles and benefits of the Continuous Branding tool. Ending with a fantastic success story that has delivered outstanding results. They're tailored specifically to your company and ideal for five to eight people, although sessions will work for larger groups and can include a fifteen minute quiz to reinforce the key points covered.

Greg Mace, Founder and Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services has grown his business by more than 20% per annum into a market leading and multi-award winning company by using this tool. If you fancy a taster, give Craig a call or send him an email.


Our specialist services include:

  • Service design
  • Internal communications
  • Employee engagement
  • Talks, presentations & seminars
  • Design & marketing support
  • Skills transfer with tailored workshops

Case study

When our FTSE 100 client, Informa, made an acquisition in North America, we designed a brochure to arrive on the desks of every Penton employee on the day of the announcement to allay any fears and to outline the great future.


Case study

This campaign encouraged Informa colleagues to buy shares in their company with clear communication and a great value offer.


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