In conversation

Graham Jerome-Ball, Director of Global Branding at Informa, a FTSE 100 company

Sharing what he's learnt from re-branding the organisation three times and having to communicate globally across many different countries and cultures.

Guiding principles

What are the Informa brand values or guiding principles as you call them and how do you bring them to life?

Overcoming challenges

What are the challenges in clearly communicating the brand and its guiding principles - and ensuring that the different functions within your company operate as a team and share these?

Difficult to articulate

Can you give us an example of where it has been difficult to articulate a particular guiding principle to people in another country and culture?


Building relationships

How is a younger generation, fuelled by technology and social media, re-defining what they are looking for in a brand and what form their relationship will take?

A strong brand

How important is it that a FTSE 100 company has a strong brand?

Adjusting strategy

It used to be said that while a company's strategy could be adjusted or even replaced, its values or guiding principles would be resolute. But is that still the case?

Staying relevant

Because of the fast-moving commercial environment we now live in, will a brand, no matter how well established, have to be disruptive to stay relevant?

Re-branding three times

You have re-branded Informa three times, what you have learnt?

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