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Article about Kenneth Green Associates (KGA)

Kenneth Green of Kenneth Green Associates tells us how his company has carved out an 8% share of the hugely competitive perfume market in the UK and Ireland.

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Interview Hayley Miller, CH&Co

Hayley Miller, Head of Marketing at CH&Co tells us why combining twenty entrepreneurial disrupter brands into one 'group brand' was challenging but worthwhile.

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Kew Green Hotels big driver of success is living change

Joanna Fisher, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Kew Green Hotels tells us why 'loving change' as well as achieving metrics, marginal gains and clear communication are big drivers.

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Article about Hand Picked Hotels

Matthias Mahr, Revenue and Marketing Director of Hand Picked Hotels tells us why individuality, a family-feel and clear brand values makes this collection of hotels so distinct.

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Article about The Office Group - TOG

Richard Taylor, Marketing & Communications Director of The Office Group explains why 'bespoke not boilerplate' is the best approach to achieve success for this founder-led company.

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