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Continuous Branding book by Craig Thatcher

The power to transform
This short book reveals the importance of branding and sets out to help you get a lot better at using it.

Available in paperback, kindle, ebook and audiobook from Amazon and other e-retailers. From only £7.99. Order now

The principles revealed in Craig Thatcher's book are working hard for Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services, who since 2011 has grown his business by 20%+ per annum using it, alongside our branding help. Read more.


"Having read the book and found it engaging, we bought into the idea and it has changed our mindset. Our people are realising the potential of projecting our brand – fantastic to see!"

Neil Timmins, Director, Caice Acoustic Air Movement

The tool at the heart of everything you do

The most successful companies use all five principles all of the time - not some of them some of the time.

  1. Think like a brand owner
  2. Lead from a powerful market position
  3. Have a point of view
  4. Personalise brand experience
  5. Invest continually to grow consistently

"Craig has managed to distill a compelling blend of experience and insight into a short and manageable read. As a fellow writer I enjoyed the personal, lively and challenging style. No marketing gobbledegook."

Roger Tidball, Ginger Communications

Special report. Available soon! 
We've commissioned this special report to find out how successful business leaders and their companies survive and thrive in markets which are becoming increasingly commodified and price driven.

With journalists from business publication, Decision Magazine, we've interviewed many and you can read each individual, insightful article. Read or download articles.

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Skills transfer and tailored workshops
by Craig Thatcher

The best way to inform and engage your colleagues is with our tailored talks, workshops and open events.

An introduction to Continuous Branding

An introduction to Continuous Branding

Get the best results from this effective brand management tool by understanding and then applying the five principles. Brought to life with real examples.

How Rapport Guest Services has grown by 20%+ per annum

How Rapport Guest Services has grown by 20%+ per annum

Discover how Managing Director, Greg Mace has grown his award-winning, market-leading business by consistently since 2011 applying the principles of Continuous Branding.

Designing a value proposition

Creating a distinct value proposition

Make your 'promise of value to be experienced' by customers more compelling by uncovering the intangible benefits that resonate most and makes you distinct from competitors.

Designing a new experience for customers

Designing a better customer experience

Decide how you want your customers to feel about your company. By thinking like a 'customer experience manager' you will learn how to re-design your service, reverse engineer your offering and touch points to reliably produce the desired experience.

Business As Unusual - Securing your Brand’s Future with key findings from our special report

"Securing your Brand's Future”

Discover the key findings and insights from our special report. Includes how successful business leaders survive and thrive in markets that are increasingly competitive and price driven. Brought to life with real examples.

“Craig’s Continuous Branding workshop makes the sometimes seemingly intangible branding process tangible, practical and applicable to your business. He will show you how. ”

Jackie Campbell Business Enterprise Manager, Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

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