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If you’re an owner or director of a company that sells services, rather than makes or sells products then you’ll find this book very helpful. Because if you build a strong brand and you won’t have to sell so hard.

The reason why I developed this tool for you (and wrote the book)

I’ve always been fascinated by the challenges that owners and directors of companies that sell intangible services as opposed to products have to face when trying to grow. Especially in terms of standing out in crowded markets, building their businesses and engaging their people to build their brands. 

I don’t want them to waste time, effort and money on inappropriate design and communications programmes that don’t generate the best results. Many of them are ambitious for growth, yet aren’t achieving it.

As first world economies develop in uncertain times, service-based companies create an increasing proportion of the wealth in relation to manufacturers so I’m doing my bit to help them perform even better.

Another book on brand development? What is different about this one?

You’re right there are plenty of books for manufacturers and sellers of products. There are also lots on personal branding and a fair number for professional services firms like accountants and academic text books for marketing practitioners or students. 

Owners and directors of service-based companies are under-served and yet need to understand how to harness and use the power of branding. If they did, they could grow their businesses and build their brands more consistently and sustainably. So I’ve written it in an easy-to-read style with no jargon.

Can companies that make or sell physical product discover anything from reading it?

Yes, is the short answer. Because an increasing number of manufacturers are developing services to add much-needed revenue streams. Or to serve an existing market better by improving their service offering or even to enter new, emerging ones. But they then also struggle with the concept of applying branding to these services and fail to differentiate them and their companies in their markets. Making it difficult for their customers to chose them over a competitor. This book helps them to understand and to harness the power of branding for their advantage.

Why I’m well qualified to write this book

I have more than thirty years’ experience of helping ambitious owners and directors of companies to use branding better. I’m also managing director of Greenfisher, a branding, design and digital agency, as well as a speaker and workshop facilitator. Clients include entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses and FTSE 100 companies.

What is Continuous Branding?

It is a simple tool that I’ve developed and is made up of five principles. When put at the heart of your company, it’ll help you to achieve a greater performance, more easily, consistently and sustainably.

It also provides the framework for managing innovation and service excellence as well as a way of driving your business forward, on a continuous basis. Even helping you to achieve market leadership if you have the ambition.

Why isn’t everyone using it to manage their brand development?

Unfortunately many people still don’t recognise the power of branding and so fail to use it properly. Despite seeing it work for other businesses or in their personal lives. This is a shame because it can be a real motor for growth and innovation for any size of company. Others like the sound of it, lack enough ambition and are happy to be followers in their markets and not leaders – so carry on doing what they’ve always done.

How did I come up with the idea for this brand development tool?

I challenged myself to create an easy way of explaining why some businesses grow more consistently and perform better than other similar ones. That’s when I identified a common pattern with my best performing clients and other successful companies. I had to look deep because the differences between the best performing companies and the rest are small. As in sports where margins between winners and losers are slim.

With this tool, you can neatly communicate or link you strategy directly to colleagues in your company and to your clients, customers or partners. All on a continuous basis and in a simple and straightforward way, so everyone understands and supports it. 

It is especially important that your leaders and senior managers ‘get it and use it’ because they set the whole tone and culture for your company. So this is why the tool is simple and practical with no ‘marketing gobbledegook’.

Why did I call it Continuous Branding?

I wanted to find a description for the tool. So I selected the word ‘Continuous’  because it has to be used company-wide, all of the time. Not some of the time, in fits and starts or isolated in one or two parts of the organisation. The word ‘Branding’ was included because this helps businesses to perform better by positively influencing how people associate with them. When used properly, the tool also strengthens employees’ understanding of the business’ strategy as well as informing the design of all communications, making everything simpler and clearer.

Does it actually work?

Yes it does. Since 2011, I have helped one of my clients, Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services to use Continuous Branding to grow his company by more than 20% per annum. Creating a market leading, award winning business in the competitive world of corporate front of house services. Read his story in chapter eight of the book, available as an ebook, audiobook and paperback on Amazon and other e-retailers.

Listen to a sample chapter 6 or download a pdf of the chapter now.

For you as well as the next generation of Continuous Branders

I’d like this book and tool to inspire you as well as the next generation of leaders to grow their businesses and build their brands. Because flourishing companies provide more opportunities for everyone; for customers, employees, for suppliers and for the shareholders. 

Your brand is your most valuable intangible asset

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To help as many people as possible, I’m also sharing my experience through speaking engagements, workshops and one-to-ones as well as on our Learning Hub.

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