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Continuous Branding book in paperback, kindle, ebook and audiobook on Amazon

This inspirational guide is short and ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to grow their service company and build it’s value

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‘Continuous Branding’ is a simple and practical tool developed by Craig Thatcher and brought to life in this book. All ambitious company owners or directors will find it useful. He is a branding specialist, author, speaker and workshop facilitator, and also managing director of Greenfisher.

Revealing the importance of branding and helping you get a lot better at using it to transform your company

Survive and thrive
Overcome the three biggest challenges to growth that all companies selling services as opposed to those that make or sell products, have to address. Read all 10 chapters in about four hours or dip in and out of each.

Introducing you to the ‘Continuous Branding’ tool
To benefit from the performance-boosting power of branding, I’ll guide you through what it is and inspire you to use it better. To achieve your commercial or strategic objectives, I’ll introduce you to ‘Continuous Branding’, a brand management tool I’ve developed for you.

Key things you’ll discover

  • Change the way you think about your company and uncover it’s true potential.
  • Add enormous value to your business by harnessing the power of branding.
  • Design your customers’ experience in advance, making it distinctive and memorable.
  • Grow your company by motivating your people to deliver your proposition.
  • Embark confidently on your way to greater success.

By reading this book and using this tool, you’ll be able to clearly communicate your business strategy or purpose to your people, your customers and partners with the support of practical and effective ways to build your business and your brand. 

Understanding your challenges

With more than thirty years experience, Craig understands the challenges faced by companies that sell services as opposed to products. Because the intangibility of their services makes it difficult to differentiate themselves. Whilst at the same time they have to motivate their employees to deliver their proposition or ‘brand promise’. The result is they often feel like they’re sailing into a head wind.

Craig says that, “to help business owners and directors understand and harness the power of branding, I’ve developed this tool with five simple principles, for them to adopt and to adapt. So they will grow more easily. Because if you build a strong brand, you don’t have to sell so hard”.

Proven with great results

These principles are working hard for Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services, who since 2011 has grown his business by 20%+ per annum and has created a market leading, award winning business in a highly competitive sector. It’s like having his own tail wind”.

One reviewer says

“Craig has managed to distil a compelling blend of experience and insight into a short and very manageable read. Shining through on every page are his passion for the importance of branding and his drive to help people get a lot better at it. As a fellow writer I enjoyed the personal, lively and challenging style. No marketing gobbledegook”.

Roger Tidball – Ginger Communications

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