Changing from a transactional to a strategic relationship with customers

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If you’re an owner or director of a company that sells services, rather than makes or sells products, and want strategic relationships with customers rather than transactional ones, then the Continuous Branding tool can help.

Changing from a transactional to a strategic relationship

Perhaps you’re making some significant strategic decisions about the future of your company because margins are under pressure. A good start is to appeal to customers that are an ideal fit for your business model, rather than waste valuable time and resources on those that are not.

Changing your present transactional relationships with customers to strategic ones based on long term, collaborative partnerships is another way of releasing the pressure. 

However, you need to seek out those customers that looking for the same thing, whilst driving culture change within your company. Transforming how your employees think about the way that customers actually buy and experience services. As opposed to the traditional way they sell and support these same service. Because the two are completely different. Internally, this change must also come from working smarter and developing new skills, because your customers’ are more demanding and discerning than ever before. 

Adding value and achieving greater success

You’ll add enormous value and achieve greater success if your put Continuous Branding at the heart of everything you do. Because it links your strategy to your people and to your customers on a continuous basis, because this is not a tactical activity to be employed every few years when growth slows down. 

Continuous Branding will support your objectives

Branding a bit of a mystery to most people. Yet it is simple and you can benefit from it’s performance-boosting capability because Craig Thatcher has developed a tool called Continuous Branding to help you.

Proven with consistent results

Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport Guest Services has grown his company by 20% per annum every year since 2011, into a market leading and award winning company, using Continuous Branding. Read his story in chapter eight of the book.

Communicating the change

To communicate the change from transactional to strategic customer relationships and drive the change in your company culture you should visit our Learning Hub and discover tips and tools as well as skills transfer workshops, tailored talks and open events. Alternatively contact me and I’ll talk you through the principles and explain the benefits.

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