Pharma Hack

Beware of the unexpected cost of a ‘pharma hack’ on your website

One of our clients has just spent £5,000 as a result of a hack

Because of malicious files installed in an out-of-date WordPress plugin, the hack causes search engines, to show ads for pharmaceutical products embedded in the infected pages’. It is the equivalent of somebody installing a giant billboard in your front garden to advertise their products to passing motorists, without your permission. Leaving you with the cost of dismantling it, taking it away and re-landscaping your garden.

Peace of mind and to protect your brand reputation

Keeping WordPress core files, plugins and themes up to date is essential in keeping a website secure, compliant and gives you peace of mind. An outdated plugin can provide a backdoor for hackers to gain access to your website. This can lead to a significant loss of reputation, possible fines from regulators and costs to rebuild both the server and the website. Rebuilding the website alone is not a guarantee that all backdoors have been closed, since hackers sometimes leave themselves future access even after the website has been rebuilt from a clean backup.

Pharma Hack









Introducing a specialist, actively managed hosting service by Akriga

To better protect your website, we recommend an actively managed hosting service by Akriga. Which is like a wrapper, that includes expertise and front-line support on top of the standard hosting by Linode – A GDPR-compliant, global cloud infrastructure provider with 10 data centres around the world with over 800,000 clients and $70m annual revenue.

Top line benefits

  • 24/7 monitoring of your website
  • Regular software updates and a rigorous backup process gives improved security, protection and compliance.
  • Reduce costs of cleaning up after a successful hack by reducing the attack surface and maximise uptime.
  • An important part of your legal obligations under GDPR compliance.
  • Email support, get through to experts.

Akriga will arrange the transfer your website to their web servers

The most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver software updates and backups is to have your website on the Akriga managed hosting platform. They will manage the transfer of web hosting from your incumbent provider to their web servers.

Significantly different from standard hosting

With 24/7 monitoring of your website. If it goes offline Akriga is notified by text, email and app which means that the issue can be investigated in a timely manner.

  1. Backups include30 nightly, off-site snapshots. Your data and the server are backed up independently. If there is a problem at the data centre, backups are still accessible because they are off site.  Monthly backups are kept for six months and this can be crucial in the event of creeping data corruption or investigating the source of a hack.
  2. Robust firewall. This keeps unwanted traffic and certain hacking attempts out of the server.
  3. Applying security patches to the operating system, web server, database engine and PHP language.These do not require server reboots to take effect and the website will remain available during these times. This keeps the underlying technology secure and website online.
  4. Email support. Get access to a real person who knows what they’re doing. Less stress for you and professional support on hand when you need it for any day-to-day queries is included.
  5. 1TB wide bandwidth, 50GB of storage + uptime >99.99% at a London data centre.
  6. GDPR compliance. One example is article 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which states that, “the controllerand theprocessorshallimplementappropriatetechnicalandorganisationalmeasurestoensure a level ofsecurity appropriate tothe risk”. Keeping software up to date is an appropriate technical measure and organisations that fail to do this will not be looked on kindly by regulators. The forthcoming SCA payment regulation is another compliance example.
  7. Minimising risk. Akriga was established in 2000 but in the unlikely event that it ceases to trade, you still have access to your website and can continue to buy the standard web hosting from Linode.

Assumptions: Your email server and setup remains where it is. Akriga to determine if your needs are a good fit for this managed hosting service. Support is UK office hours, best efforts outside of this.

Like to know more? Call +44(0)118 933 8558 now.


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