Good food choices are good for employees and employers

An insightful, evening event about the importance of nutritional health & wellbeing in the workplace. Highlighting the productive impact that the right food choices have on employees and a positive Return On Investment for their employers. 

Benefits include attracting and retaining the best people, improving corporate reputation or brand image, and enhancing the quality of lives. If you want a very clear measurement of effectiveness, it shrinks waistlines and improves the bottom line all at the same time. 

We’re pleased to have sponsored this event and the three excellent speakers were followed by a Q&A chaired by the host Paul Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Admiral Recruitment.

Everyone knows they should eat and drink better but research by Founder and Chief Executive Office, Dr Fiona Geaney of Food Choice shows that education will never change behaviour unless it is accompanies by changes in workplace policy, environment and culture. She sighted that poor diet is one of the main cause of absenteeism. 

So Fiona and her team at University College, Cork in Ireland have developed the world’s first complete approach to employee nutritional health & wellbeing. They want to improve the lives of 100,000 employees by using this new, evidence based, digital system that supports individuals, companies and their caterers to create a healthy balance in their workplace eating environments. Interested? Get in touch to learn more.

Ian Edwards, Programme Director of Health & Fitness at Nomura talked passionately about a wide range of health & wellbeing programmes that he has implemented to reduce presenteeism. As a result, the company has become a beacon for best practice and won many awards. Fascinating stuff. 

Adam Hyman, Founder of Code, which is a community for the hospitality industry created to reward, inspire, connect and educate all outlined the major workplace benefits valued most by employees. 

His organisation publishes and annual survey of the hospitality industry as a place to work, called ‘Happiness in Hospitality’. It shines a very bright light on some serious issues despite it’s ‘happy’ title, because as he pointed out, happy staff equal happy customers. Download and read the full report.

Paula Rogers described how small things can make a big difference in her company as she encourages everyone to prep their own lunches at work every day, rather than spending money on takeaways. Saving money and calories! She is living testament to maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle, as well as juggling a demanding job.

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