Key takeaways from the B2B Marketing Expo 2019

This is a big and noisy event at Excel in London, with 1,000 exhibitors, 500 speakers and 20,000 visitors over two days. I like the masterclasses, although the quality of the speakers varies considerably and you can’t trust the accuracy of the pre-show timetable.

So next year I will check the ones printed at the entrance to each theatre as soon as I get there, because just like last year there were errors – so I missed an interesting presentation.

For me this type of event is useful (if not a bit overwhelming) and is about learning new things and shortlisting potential service providers. Which I try to achieve by looking at the stands, making notes and referring to their websites before starting any conversation.

Key takeaways for you

  • The number of tools, technologies and services for marketers continues to proliferate which makes it difficult to manage them all.
  • There are more channels and ways to communicate with your audiences nowadays but unless you really understand what they need it is better not to say anything until you’ve done your homework.
  • It is vital to understand which channels your audiences prefer to use through every different stage of their relationship with you, so that you can provide them whatever information, help and reassurance they need.
  • Keep trying new things, be open minded and learn from others. As it is too easy to keep doing what you’re doing and end up like Blockbuster in the face of Netflix.

Finally, I enjoyed the branded cupcakes given away free. If only I had something deliciously sweet to tempt my clients with.

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