Top Take Outs Day Two Digital Marketing Planet

Top take outs from day two at Digital Marketing Planet

Become a social media diplomat and build a network of influencers. Over the last three years, Walter Jennings, the Vice President, Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies has been building a network of 125 influencers in more than 23 countries.

Huawei is the largest privately employee-owned company in China. Walter calls himself a social media diplomat and talks about ‘Radical Transparency’, which is how he describes the open and supportive relationships he has developed with these specialist individuals around the globe. 

He says that when shortlisting potential influencers, don’t just look at the number of followers they have, look at how they interact with others because there are tools to build follower numbers quickly. Then get to know them as individuals. It is no surprise that the very best influencers on social media are also great socially when face-to-face, as they love to interact with people.

He also says, ‘don’t delegate these important relationships to your agency, no matter how good they are or have some junior representatives stand-in for your. Only you can build and sustain these vital relationships.

Don’t have a formal or robotic personality

Elise Quevedo is a very popular and highly experienced social media expert, author and speaker helps individuals and companies to thrive in a digital world. She says, “to make the most of social media you have to convey your personality through your tone of voice”. This is because many businesses and brands are far too formal, too robotic and unnatural. 

She goes on to add that, “you need to create conversations with your audience, by first finding commonality. Don’t go straight in for the sale, build rapport first then introduce your product or service at the right time”.

Connect emotionally through storytelling and video

JJ Delgado, is Global Chief Digital Officer at Estrella Galicia and formally Head of Amazon Marketing Services, South Europe. He emphasised that using video is the way forward. It is a powerful medium has great impact and traditional, static advertising is dead.

He stressed that it is impossible to grow your business if you don’t connect emotionally with your audience. This can only come from a deep understanding of who they are and what they need. With giant companies likes Facebook, Google and Amazon owning the future, build your business model on these giants and use their resources to your advantage.

Miguel Moreno, is a former Coca-Cola marketing executive and maintains that people make decisions based on perception and emotional connections. As consumers we’re not interested in engagement for it’s own sake. It is all about the balance between privacy and value as consumers provide useful information through their behaviour. With increasing control of their own privacy, courtesy of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consumers will be exchanging more value from brands in return for sharing their personal data. 

Brands should never forget they’re audience are individual, human beings and it is easy to forget this when so much data is available and it is difficult to know how to analyse it. This is where storytelling becomes so powerful as we all enjoy listening to stories and are more likely to recount these to others. 

Personalisation is worth pursuing

Personalisation is definitely a concept worth pursuing as Sylvain Weill’s research reveals that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that recognises, remembers and provides them with relevant offers. He is Digital Marketing Manager at Accenture Interactive. 

Interestingly, 83% of consumers will share personal data to enable personalised experiences. So this is definitely the way forward, reinforced by the introduction of GDPR.

WARNING: He maintains there is a fine line between ‘cool’ and ‘creepy’. The trick is to enter a digital dialogue so that you can provide customers with what they need because you have listened to them first, and picked up on any clues.

Brands need to listen very carefully to what people are saying about them or to them. Either by listening-in to digital conversations on-line or developing a dialogue directly with them. Then they can be segmented, based on the interest or intent. Leading to personalisation or personal curation and the development of new and unique experiences. Which can in turn, lead to market innovations.

Pablo Carvajal, is Vice President Business Strategy and Sales Enablement Communications and Marketing Services stressed that you must know and understand your customers, develop experiences for them and bring these to life in the digital and physical world. Don’t forget to monitor success or failure as you will not improve otherwise.

Pedro Torres, Marketing Director of ESRI Spain argues that simply capturing data is not sufficient. It how you analyse the information to develop your understanding of your customers that is.

Next steps

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