Top actions to drive your digital marketing

Top Actions to drive your Digital Marketing

I drew these up after being at the Digital Marketing Planet, part of the Digital Business World Congress in Madrid in May 2018.

As well as hosting eleven international speakers I led a discussion panel on a topical subject relating to how a Data Trail will boost your Return On Investment.

Develop a data driven culture

The first thing you need to is develop a ‘top to bottom’ data driven culture to enable you to develop a single view of your customers. Then focus on human beings and not on the data itself.

Build a network of influencers

Develop deep relationships with key individuals to provide an important bridge to your audience, supporting them with help and useful information so that they can share with their followers. By being open and transparent with them, you will build trust.

Create emotional content

Many companies and brands are creating and distributing content in the hope it will engage their audience. Dry, uninteresting content will not cut it. To achieve results companies must connect emotionally with customers, first by building rapport – finding commonality, a shared passion or interest and then create and share stories based on people just like them. These stories don’t always need to be specifically about your product or service, they are about building an emotional connection.

Video has powerful storytelling abilities

Video is powerful because of its ability to tell stories, to connect and to create emotion with your viewers. It also appeals to time-strapped people who find it difficult to read a lot of words on-screen. So make more use of it.

Expressing your personality makes a big difference

In a world where your customers can easily compare and contrast what your brand or company can do for them compared to your competitors, it is important that you convey your personality through everything you do digitally and physically. In most established markets there is actually very little difference between competitors so your personality – through your tone of voice will make a big difference.

The positive impact of personalisation 

Create personalised experience for your customers and visitors because this is what the best hospitality businesses do really well and it will set you apart from your competitors. They know that a personalised experience makes people feel special, important and valued. And we all like to be made to feel like that. 

So what do we mean by personalised experiences? They don’t have to be extravagant events. They can often be quite small things but they do rely on listening carefully first, then understanding what would make a difference to the person. Followed by an action delivered in an appropriate time frame. The action does not necessarily have to occur instantly but just before the customer needs it is the perfect timing. Just afterwards is a waste of effort and will undermine you. Sometimes it can be better to do nothing.

Many companies provide customers with a perfectly adequate products or services. The best anticipate what their customers need and they achieve this because they have already worked out all of the various journeys that a customer can take. By recognising certain behaviour or intents, they can predict what their customers are likely to want to do next.

To put this into practice in real-time, the very best go one stage further and train their people to recognise and respond to customers who have taken a wrong-turn on their predicted journey, empowering their people to put things right for their customers. Wrong-turns happens more often than you think because uncontrollable events happened or the customer forgets to do something.

Personalise your Brand Experience is the fourth of five key principles in my book, ‘Continuous Branding’, which is for service-based organisations ambitious to grow.

Next steps

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