Is it worth attending the Digital Business World Congress in 2019?

In 2018, this big, impressive digital event held in Madrid set out to help people and their companies face the digital avalanche – as it is easy to feel overwhelmed at the speed of change.

The Digital Business World Congress included an exhibition called the Digital Enterprise Show plus various stages for specialist presentations on a variety of digital transformational topics. There is something for everyone here.

Over three days, it attracted just under 21,000 c-level senior people from 51 countries with 450+ international speakers. But it is small enough to explore in a working day, if that is all you can spare.

On day one, I listened to inspiring presentations on the Digital Marketing Planet stage. Each speaker sharing their own experience on a variety of digital marketing topics including social media, data and new digital technologies.

As host, on day two, I introduced 14 expert speakers to delegates, each of them with an 18 minute TED-style presentation and in the afternoon I led a discussion on an interesting topic ‘Data and ROI’.

It is worth attending on 21-21 May 2019 because you can learn so much in such a short period of time if like ‘a sponge’ you soak it all up. It can save you months of wasted time and help you focus on the right things for your business.

I found it particularly useful to reflect on some of my own experiences and my current thinking about the impact that digitalisation is having on my clients as well as my agency. So, it was doubly worth-it and it isn’t often I feel like this.

Next steps

Read my 2018 top take-outs from Day One and Day Two at the Digital Marketing Planet and my summary of the panel discussion I led entitled “Data Trail will Boost your Return On Investment”. Then read my top actions for you to take to focus your digital marketing.