Craig Thatcher hosts international speakers at Digital Business World Congress

On Wednesday 23 May 2018, Craig Thatcher hosts international speakers on stage at the Digital Business World Congress in Madrid. Each of them will be giving a presentation on a hot, digital marketing or digital transformation topic. This is the exciting agenda for the Digital Marketing Planet – starting at 11am.

It will be a fascinating day where he will meet and listen to these experts and afterwards will share his top take-outs with you. The Digital Business World Congress is a big, very exciting event, with 20,000+ delegates and 450+ speakers over three days.

It is all about helping companies make the most of digital transformation as technology is changing the business world forever. Many Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are overwhelmed by increasingly tech savvy and dynamic consumers. Yet despite introducing their own digital marketing strategies, the pace is now quickening, just when they thought they were catching up. So how do they keep ahead? One small but significant way is to take part in an event like the Digital Business World Congress.

Let’s meet up at the Digital Business World Congress

If you are going to the Digital Business World Congress then let Craig know as he would love to meet up and discuss the topics most important to you.

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