What’s new in marketing technologies and automation?

I visited the Marketing Technology Expo (MTEX) at ExCel in London, to be inspired by the latest developments in marketing management, automaton and technology.

First stop was a seminar by Scott Brinker of ChiefMarTech called ‘Mastering Marketing Technology’. He said, it is quite normal to feel over-whelmed by what is available nowadays. The staggering growth in the number of marketing technologies launched in last ten years has been phenomenal, now at over 5,000 providers up from 150 and confounding the experts who keep predicting consolidation in this area.

I can’t see this rise ever slowing down, as long as you select only the most relevant for your business and on the basis they all integrate seamlessly together in your marketing stack. One of the fastest growing services is iPaaS from Mulesoft for integrating different cloud-based applications. Demand from companies to help them to inform their decisions faster and more easily is not going to go away. As this enables them to be more agile and responsive to changes going on around them.

Glen Westlake of BrightTarget, a SiteTrade Company delivered a seminar entitled, ‘Supercharge Your B2B Sales & Marketing Funnel with Predictive Analytics’. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predictively analyse your enterprise data and augmenting this with data from other public sources (all overseen by humans), to create intelligent lists of the most profitable prospects and customers ranked by lifetime value, for your sales team to follow up.

It does not stop there, BrightTarget help organisations spot all sorts of under-developed opportunities to grow they revenue. Even overlaying historical customer financial data and sales data to help supercharge your sales and marketing funnel. This system does not replace your CRM system it helps fill it with your best prospects.

Next was an interesting seminar on ‘Using Buyer Intent in Your Sales and Marketing’ by Jason Sibley from the Creation Agency, who revealed an additional way of generating leads over and above those created from your inbound marketing efforts.

His system works by spotting when people are searching and shortlisting new products and services based on the digital clues they unknowingly leave around. These include talking to others on social media, sharing content or simply following a particular company. Any of these little actions can show their intent to anyone watching. These  valuable social media conversations are harvested, cleaned up, company profiles from LinkedIn and personal social media profiles plus email addresses are added and amalgamated with other data from specialist demand intent processors. All served up and ready to be engaged with in the most appropriate way for your company.

In summary, I had an interesting and enlightening day with an amazing amount of content to absorb. Somebody told me that the average person in the developed world sees 5,000 messages a day. I reckon I exceeded this by lunchtime!

Here at Greenfisher, we’re always searching out and testing new and interesting ways of helping our clients to achieve more through their marketing. If you would like to find out how we can help you then just get in touch or chat now.

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