New ideas for people engagement from having listened to interesting speakers at the B2B Marketing Expo, here are our top take-outs.

This was an entertaining seminar by Dean Reijnders of Instant Magazine on ‘Why You Will Never Again Publish Your Content on a PDF’. His pitch is aimed at companies positioning themselves in a helpful way to their customers. Enabling them to create brochures, magazines, proposals and data sheets as beautiful, responsive, HTML5 documents on-line rather than publishing a PDF. So many people are browsing on smart phones and tablets now, so no more pinching and zooming!

The average person reads 200 words per minute and the average amount of time they spend on websites is 52 seconds. Whereas, on average people spend 3 minutes 47 seconds on documents created using the Instant Magazine service which leads to far deeper engagement.

This service is perfect for helping not selling and enables personalisation, too. Dean’s research reveals people spend 22% longer reading, just by using their name in the document. Engagement goes up by 77% by only showing relevant content and this is achieved by removing stuff not relevant to them. So they have less to read but spend more time reading it. They are also 50% more likely to share the content with others. These documents can incorporate video which people like to view in preference to reading. They are indexed by search engines, although you can password protect confidential documents.

TL;DR – stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read

Dean’s tips for success are keep it short and keep it visual.

The great thing is that you can learn how people engage with your content, including the time they spend on it, whether they view the video, when and where they exit and who they share it with. Your documents are always current, because you can update them at any time. A far cry from publishing a PDF and bidding it a fond farewell.

The seminar entitled, ‘How Not to Build an Exceptional Customer Experience’ was CANCELLED. When I saw the sign and given the title, I thought it was part of the seminar. Only to find it was actually cancelled. Definitely a masterclass in how not to build an exceptional experience!


The seminar by Patrick De Pauw of Social Seeder entitled ‘Empowering Your Great Content’ was about turning employees into ambassadors for your company. They are not paid to share but do it freely, simply because you recognise and value their relationship. And this makes them feel good about themselves. Patrick backed this up with some impressive statistics. 98% of employees use at least one social media network and people are x8 times more likely to engage with content from them than any other source and x7 times more likely to convert to a customer. They are also 37% more likely to remain than those that are not. Having setup a calendar with content that is easy to understand, his tip for success is to create an ambassador programme with an interesting name and a clear purpose and to keep going, no matter how slowly things develop initially.


‘Digital Transformation – The Human Touch’ was a seminar by digital transformation practitioner, Winnie Palmer of Connect2Teach. She explained that many projects are failing and this is because companies don’t have a clear purpose or strategy which means that resources are not prioritised before implementation. She also stressed that experts should design the plan and make sure everyone takes part afterwards. She went on to say that marketing has a critical role to play by offering an outside-in perspective that puts the customer at the centre of everything rather than the traditional inside-out approach which does not produce good results.

In summary

I had a great day and listened to some great speakers. Here at Greenfisher, we always try and find new services to share with our clients that will help them improve engagement with all of their important audiences. If you would like to find out how we can help you then just get in touch.



PS – Stands for Premium priced Sandwiches and a poor experience

I don’t mind paying a premium for a convenient sandwich as long as it is good quality. Event catering inside the exhibition hall at ExCel is still not good enough, is poor value and negatively affected my overall experience of the event. Which in all other ways was good.

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