Alison Green training for London Marathon running for Action for A-T Greenfisher

On a marathon running mission

Greenfisher Director, Alison Green is on a mission to cross the finish line of the Virgin Money London Marathon Sunday 22 April to prove to herself and her children that competing in a charity race can have a happy ending.

Alison’s journey to the world famous finish line on The Mall started long before she put on her running shoes. Sadly, it began the day Alison lost her husband and our founder, Stephen Green. On 2 August 2015, he took part in the Prudential Ride 100 London, cycling to raise money for the children’s charity Action for A-T, which funds research for the rare genetic disease Ataxia-Telangiectasia.

Alison recalls that tragic August day and says, “Stephen felt so proud to be riding for a great charity. He set off early that morning full of joy, as did my three children and I as we had planned to shout and holler for him at the finish line on The Mall. Stephen never finished the race and we never saw and waved at him riding down The Mall. His life race finished on Leith Hill.”

With young children at the time, Stephen had elected to support Action for A-T, a charity desperately trying to find a cure for the life threatening childhood condition, Ataxia Telangiectasia. Medical research funded by Action for A-T gives hope to heartbroken families and most importantly to the children who suffer from this debilitating disease.

Crossing the finish line for Stephen

So, on 22 April 2018, Alison is completing Stephen’s race, not on a bike but on foot, running for Action for A-T in the Virgin Money London Marathon. It will be a huge emotional challenge for Alison and her children as they collectively overcome the fear that you can start a race and return safely.

Running along the epic London route represents a huge milestone in Alison’s personal journey. “I know I will get to the finish line on The Mall. I spend a lot of time crying when I run and will probably do the same on the 22 April but determination and the will to finish the race plus continuing the fundraising that Stephen started must and will be my mantra.”

We’re delighted to be supporting Alison as she takes on this huge physical and emotional challenge and we’ll be there on the day, cheering her on as she reaches her goal and finishes the race.

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