Your team.


L to R: Craig Thatcher, Debs Daborn, Jove Tocher, Nikki Magnusson, Rachel Allman, Martin Philpot.


Your multi-talented team is ready to help.

If you are ambitious then we will help you to understand, build and strengthen your brand. Those who know us, understand how enthusiastic and passionate we are.

We work best with companies, and especially service-based ones, that are ready to step up to the next level and to compete with bigger players. This invariably demands a smarter (in every sense) and more consistent approach to brand management and marketing. Which is precisely where we can add the greatest value for you.


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Let us introduce ourselves :

Craig Thatcher

branding specialist__managing director__author__

Craig helps clients harness the power of branding and shares this knowledge in his book called ‘Continuous Branding’. He also enjoys watching rugby union and loves wine made from the Merlot grape.

Jove Tocher

account manager__designer__chocoholic__

Jove has a meticulous attention to detail making sure clients’ digital and print campaigns stay on message and on track. She loves life and is very outgoing and gregarious – with a story for every occasion and every day. She is also a talented illustrator.

Debs Daborn


Don’t be fooled by Debs’ naturally understated personality. She has extensive knowledge and a deep experience of the design and print industry. To her life, like design, is all about beautiful simplicity and she’s never happier than in the company of those she loves most, especially her little boy, Samuel.

Martin Philpot

creative director__designer__mountain biker__

Martin loves nothing more than a blank canvas. His wide interests enable him to draw upon a multitude of experiences to help develop new ideas and design concepts as well as directing branding projects. He is also well known for being knee deep in HTML code and mud, in equal measure.

Martin’s other passions are photography and mountain biking and he often tries to combine the two! But you’ll never see him clad in lycra nor hear him droning on about f-stops and expensive cameras. As a designer, he composes his shots with a designer’s eye and with excellent results.

Rachel Allman

client director__problem solver__yoga fiend__

Rachel thrives on developing commercially effective solutions to your brand’s challenges, whatever they may be. With a background in psychology, she’s fascinated by what makes different audiences tick. When not problem solving you can find her in the yoga studio or trying to catch up with her toddler, Belle.